Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Signs of the Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Some people think that the world's gonna end in 2012, right? So if the apocalypse is coming, it may as well have tons of zombies, correct? Well, here are the signs that I'm seeing of the coming Zombie Apocalypse.
      1. Grammar. I swear, people are trying to kill us nerds by using the worst grammar possible.
      2. There is such a thing as competitive yoga. Yoga is supposed to be relaxing.
      3. Quarter cupcake day. Our local bakery offers this, and we're talking hard- core cupcakes here.
      4. Not getting a single snow day where we usually have at least two.
Zombie walk for hunger day
      5. Zombies are everywhere. Seriously, take a look.
So the next time you hear groaning coming from the hotel room next to you, you might just want to grab your baseball bat.


  1. 6. Gratuitous use of ', as in "Cupcake's are on sale today!"

    Nice post, but I think I hear groaning outside my window...

  2. While it will be awhile before you learn the context behind these rules for zombie apocalypse survival, I will still share them with you. You know - just in case ;)

    1. Keep up your cardio fitness. Zombies aren't always slow and shambolic.

    2. When using a baseball bat, or for that matter any other defensive tool, don't go sparingly. Always "double tap".

    3. What MEK said. Egregious misuse of punctuation could be an early sign of zombie infection. Be prepared for offensive or defensive action against perpetrators.

    P.S. That photo looks vaguely familiar. Your blog coach has not yet shared the joys of attribution with you, little grasshopper.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I will keep that in mind.

  3. Oooh, scary thought for the supposed apocalypse, full of zombies, but who knows, the zombies could invite their vampire friends.