Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 100th birthday to the Girl Scouts!

Being a Girl Scout myself, I am extremely proud of this day. We, the Girl Scouts are 100 years old. I started girl scouting when I was in kindergarten, as a daisy. That's right, one of those cute little girls with the little blue uniforms. There was a troop at my own school, but that soon fell apart. So I joined another troop, which fell to the same fate. ever since then, I have been in yet another troop that contains other girls a year older than me. We do tons of science stuff, ( Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!) and tend to go camping a lot.

This is an old handbook that my darling father got for my darling mother. Much has changed in those seemingly few years.

On one of our campouts we used these trail signs to make a trail for the other group. We were tempted to get 'lost' just for the fun of it.
Our troop has somewhat lessened in numbers over the years, but it has no chance of becoming extinct as long as the group of us who I have a hunch are the only ones who care about girl scouts stay in. Right now we have seven girls in our troop.
So happy birthday to Girl Scouts!


  1. I'm glad you have such a great GS leader! I wish the troop I was in as a child had done more camping and hiking, but I enjoyed GS anyway. Thanks for sharing some of your scouting experiences!

  2. I didn't know that girlscouts has been around for 100 years,i should have known though, last year when it was my turn to lead a meeting the topic was it's history.