Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

    Today is the day that my sister and I have been waiting for since the day the first previews made their way to youtube. Yes my friends, this is the day that the movie hunger games comes out. My sister introduced the books to me not that long ago, and ever since then I have been hooked. The only book that I have not completed is the last one, and that is because I got busy, (Big surprise there, huh?) as well as some... interesting elements that I did not quite like.
     Although I probably will not be able to watch the movies for a bit, (read the books and you will understand) I still will be drooling over several hunger games movie items. One of my favorite things is a shirt with the lettering 'Cinna said I should wear this'.


  1. Sweet. I am keeping an eye open for that t-shirt as your sister finds it drool worthy as well.

    We'll get the field report on the gore factor and decide whether your time for the movie experience has come or not.

  2. Mwa ha ha! My older sister deems the movie fit for viewing by me!!!! Mwa ha ha!!!!

  3. The movie is really close to the book, there were only a few minor details that were different. This movie was'nt too violent, except for when the game starts its a little bloody.

  4. That's what my sister told me. Can't wait to see it!