Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pictures Improved Part Three

The cows never had a chance.
Episode three: Rise of the robots!!!!!
So anyway, as you all should know by now, it was about twenty minutes before we would be summoned to sing to our father and devour pie, and I was still in my room, deep in thought about what to give him. Metallic markers, blah, blah, blah.
I actually happen to like this artist, but it was in the art calendar, and it was lacking robots. Oh, well. As you all know, whether something is good art or bad art, if it needs robots, it gets robots. It needed robots.

Friday, April 20, 2012


     Have you ever tasted perfection? If so, list your perfection in my comments. I know that I have. Our local bakery, Sweet Perfection, lives up to their name. Their cupcakes: delicious. Their pie: amazing. Their bread: superb. I will be covering each of the topics mentioned in loving detail in the paragraphs below. Unless gluten free, you will DROOL.
    First off, cupcakes. They have TONS of variety. Chocolate, lemon, caramel, red velvet, vanilla with sprinkles, lime, green tea, strawberry, orange, and many more. Each cupcake is perfectly crafted, and has an amazingly pretty blob of icing on top. The cupcakes are moist and possibly the best cupcakes on earth.
    Now for the pie. Best pie ever. Strawberry rhubarb, fresh strawberry, key lime, and my personal favorite, peanut butter chocolate creme. On Pi Day, we celebrated by eating lots of pie. LOTS of it. Yummy!!! The Strawberry rhubarb is pleasantly tart, not overwhelmingly sweet. The peanut butter chocolate creme is delightfully smooth and creamy.
     Finally, the bread. Again, so many choices. It is light and fluffy, but substantial when necessary. The Kansas sunflower seed bread is perfect, so nummy. (Nummy is a phrase used in our family that is beyond yummy.) The artichoke bread is delicious, and normally I am not a fan of artichokes at all. But this bread was quite fantastic, and I enjoyed it very much.
     Drooling yet? Remember to put your perfection in my comments. Here is Sweet Perfection's web site.

Correction: gluten- free is available. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pictures Improved Part 2

    Okay, so maybe this one is a little strange. Same scenario, it was my father's birthday. Calendar, markers, you  know the rest. If you don't remember, then go back to the first Pictures Improved entry.
    We love cats. We all wish that we had a cat, but unfortunately, Darling Father is allergic, as is my sister. One of our friends  has a polydactyl  cat with 27 toes. They named her Polly in honor of all her special toes. Whenever we enter a pet store or animal shelter my sister and I find an adorable cat, stand in front of it, and make the biggest puppy eyes ever. Alas, we still are lacking a kitty in our home. Sigh.
    Anyway, I thought that this lively picture was missing something. The butterfly seemed to not realize the peril it was in, so I thought I'd give it a little perspective. Instead of flitting around, the butterfly broke all records in the history of insects. Word around the block is that it broke mach 1. Join me next week for Pictures Improved Part 3!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pictures Improved

Recently it was my father's birthday, and I pondered what to give him. I thought, 'Hey, I have this old art calendar! Look, there are some metallic markers!' and ta- da! The big dino thing is one of my favorite characters that I draw. I have improved so much over the years in my drawing. I was horrified to find one of my old sketchbooks from second grade. No, horrified doesn't cover the way I felt. I was properly mortified. My darling father made comments like 'But I think that that looks cute!', 'That just shows how much you've improved!' and other parenting words designed to make me feel better about my formerly terrible drawing 'skills'. So over the course of the next few weeks, I will show you the rest of my fathers present, as well as some other improved drawings. Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Obsessions and Pet Peeves

Actual sign outside the DeSoto McDonald's.
Pet peeves and obsessions can be very strange in this family. For instance, my father tapping a pen on his teeth annoys me to the end of the universe. My sister feels the need to put all of her Apples to Apples cards in alphabetical order, and is overjoyed when they come in such order. My mother only uses .5 mm lead in her mechanical pencils. A recurring theme in all of our pet peeves is...(Drumroll, please!) Misplaced apostrophes. Yes, misplaced apostrophes. A sign reads:

lot's of new stuff!

Or maybe...

Free kitten's!

Grrr... This type of atrocity is the thing that drives us over the edge. (I actually saw the former sign just last night.)


Dads the gratest!

Yes, Timmy, we know that last night you attacked your father with the cheese grater, but tell us something that we don't know.

We also have a thing about typos. One of our favorites was:

'Beep Beef!'

This was for an article about an Easter egg hunt for the vision impaired. The eggs beeped instead of leaking toxic neon- colored dye into your front lawn. On that happy note, I bring your attention to yet another pet peeve.

Another shared pet peeve is working in groups where you do all the work. Example:
In science class.
Parasitic 'Worker': Hey, can I be in your group?
Nerd: Umm... Do you even know what the subject is?
P 'W': Wellllll... It's supposed to be a poster on the American Revolution, right?
Nerd: Looking at assignment. Not even close. Go away. I work alone.

And the list goes on and on... But unfortunately, this blog will rise and fall, and crash into an unending abyss before I finish listing all of our pet peeves, obsessions, and other various quirks. Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TEDx and TEDEducation

If you have not heard of TEDx, then I will hopefully make you happy today.  TEDx is an amazing nonprofit organization which started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together Technology, Entertainment, and Design. They now have two annual conferences, and do TED talks. They have their videos on their website and on youtube. TEDEducation is a program in which teachers can post lessons in a video, and animators can animate those videos. Here is a link to TED's website.

You should thank me, I may have just turned your day from boring to awesome.