Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Coming Back From the Dead

After remaining dormant for almost 6 months... The gingercat is alive!!! Starting with a post about girl scouts, then a peculiar entry about pi, she is alive!! She slowly makes her way into downtown Tokyo, ripping up all the buildings in sight... then, a voice calls out and lets out a roar! It's Godzilla! The fleeing civilians stop running, turning their heads.

Gingercat looks down at the ground, and catches sight of a schoolboy with a remote control in his hand. She stomps over to Godzilla, and points to the boy. He frowns and looks up at the sky. There is some kind of Mecha- Rodan up there! Godzilla walks over to the boy and picks him up. The boy's eyes grow wide, and he starts screaming. Godzilla pats him on the head, plucks the remote out of his hand then sets him on the ground. Godzilla uses the remote to cause Mecha- Rodan to gracefully crash into a mountain.

Godzilla and gingercat quickly fled the scene. They have not been heard from since.


  1. I'm glad no civilians were harmed in the making of this post... at least not meddling little schoolboys with remotes!

  2. I have no idea how I missed this post. I heartily agree with the non-violent solution to the remote controlled mecha problem. Godzilla probably should have checked to see if the transmitter was strong enough to need an FCC license. Imagine the schoolboy facing the might of the Federal bureaucracy! He might have preferred a quick and painless smushing instead.

    Please continue your regularly scheduled mayhem...

    1. As it turns out, the boy was using to much power for a technician license. It was promptly revoked.

  3. Way to keep it random Claire :)