Thursday, March 29, 2012

Name Squatters are Evil

       Don't you hate it when people go in a store and walk around for ages, seemingly always staying in front of the item you need, then walk out empty handed? It's the same way with blog squatters. They pick an insanely cool name for their blog, put up one or two posts, then it just disappears. Take the blog Killer Robot for example.

 Awesome name, but guess how many posts it has. That's right, NONE!!! Awesome name+ no posts = GRR!!! These people are just hogging good names and not using them. They are outlaws in the world of bloggers. If this ever happens to me, leave a bunch of comments reminding me to stay alive.
       Another horrendous example. Star Wars. Could be an amazing blog, right? But yet again, this blog is under construction. And it has been since 2001. Alas, it is dead. Sigh.
 The list goes on and on...
         This one is interesting. It is not only a name squatter, it used an amazing name like Godzilla, put it in their web address, then started writing the great American novel that never made it. The novel is also called Cockatoo Creek, which has nothing to do with Godzilla. At all.

       And another, and another, and another. It's maddening. Here are some more dead blogs.

The ultimate bloggers goal: Do not let your blog go extinct.


  1. I second your motion on classification of name squatters. I'm just glad that no one got around to sitting on Nerd Topics at the beginning of Blogger :-)

    1. Indeed. That would have been most depressing, and gingercat would not have a proper blog name. :*(

  2. You know it's one thing to when someone starts up a blog but then over time it runs it's course. But to set one up and not doing anything with it? I don't get it. "Killer Robots" is a cool name - I can imagine lots of posts that person might have written. Alas and alack; now we shall never know.

  3. Yup. Of course there's always the chance that they were part of a special section of the MIB. They could have saved the world. Sigh.

  4. That sounds like me and my website, though I'm sure no one will want the name i took, its very long and one word is misspelled ;)