Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pictures Improved

Recently it was my father's birthday, and I pondered what to give him. I thought, 'Hey, I have this old art calendar! Look, there are some metallic markers!' and ta- da! The big dino thing is one of my favorite characters that I draw. I have improved so much over the years in my drawing. I was horrified to find one of my old sketchbooks from second grade. No, horrified doesn't cover the way I felt. I was properly mortified. My darling father made comments like 'But I think that that looks cute!', 'That just shows how much you've improved!' and other parenting words designed to make me feel better about my formerly terrible drawing 'skills'. So over the course of the next few weeks, I will show you the rest of my fathers present, as well as some other improved drawings. Stay tuned.


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    1. Thanks! I enjoy making this type of thing. I once improved a book of letters, turning the various digits into monsters for my father.

  2. I looked back at a drawing from kindergarten, I'm not even sure what I was trying to draw! :D

  3. I'm not sure where the art skills came from, but the sense of humor has fairly obvious roots. This was a fine birthday present!

  4. Note 1 - for some reason, I am unable to link to your post on 'Perfection'.

    Note 2 - interesting mail received recently. ;-) Will be posting about it very soon. Thx!

    1. Hmm... I wonder where it came from....