Friday, April 20, 2012


     Have you ever tasted perfection? If so, list your perfection in my comments. I know that I have. Our local bakery, Sweet Perfection, lives up to their name. Their cupcakes: delicious. Their pie: amazing. Their bread: superb. I will be covering each of the topics mentioned in loving detail in the paragraphs below. Unless gluten free, you will DROOL.
    First off, cupcakes. They have TONS of variety. Chocolate, lemon, caramel, red velvet, vanilla with sprinkles, lime, green tea, strawberry, orange, and many more. Each cupcake is perfectly crafted, and has an amazingly pretty blob of icing on top. The cupcakes are moist and possibly the best cupcakes on earth.
    Now for the pie. Best pie ever. Strawberry rhubarb, fresh strawberry, key lime, and my personal favorite, peanut butter chocolate creme. On Pi Day, we celebrated by eating lots of pie. LOTS of it. Yummy!!! The Strawberry rhubarb is pleasantly tart, not overwhelmingly sweet. The peanut butter chocolate creme is delightfully smooth and creamy.
     Finally, the bread. Again, so many choices. It is light and fluffy, but substantial when necessary. The Kansas sunflower seed bread is perfect, so nummy. (Nummy is a phrase used in our family that is beyond yummy.) The artichoke bread is delicious, and normally I am not a fan of artichokes at all. But this bread was quite fantastic, and I enjoyed it very much.
     Drooling yet? Remember to put your perfection in my comments. Here is Sweet Perfection's web site.

Correction: gluten- free is available. 


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  2. My grandmother's cherry pie makes store bought pies taste terrible, I threw the pie away cause I couldn't stand looking at it. :P

    1. That's incredibly disgusting. Poor you, deprived of a not so good pie. :*(