Saturday, April 7, 2012

Obsessions and Pet Peeves

Actual sign outside the DeSoto McDonald's.
Pet peeves and obsessions can be very strange in this family. For instance, my father tapping a pen on his teeth annoys me to the end of the universe. My sister feels the need to put all of her Apples to Apples cards in alphabetical order, and is overjoyed when they come in such order. My mother only uses .5 mm lead in her mechanical pencils. A recurring theme in all of our pet peeves is...(Drumroll, please!) Misplaced apostrophes. Yes, misplaced apostrophes. A sign reads:

lot's of new stuff!

Or maybe...

Free kitten's!

Grrr... This type of atrocity is the thing that drives us over the edge. (I actually saw the former sign just last night.)


Dads the gratest!

Yes, Timmy, we know that last night you attacked your father with the cheese grater, but tell us something that we don't know.

We also have a thing about typos. One of our favorites was:

'Beep Beef!'

This was for an article about an Easter egg hunt for the vision impaired. The eggs beeped instead of leaking toxic neon- colored dye into your front lawn. On that happy note, I bring your attention to yet another pet peeve.

Another shared pet peeve is working in groups where you do all the work. Example:
In science class.
Parasitic 'Worker': Hey, can I be in your group?
Nerd: Umm... Do you even know what the subject is?
P 'W': Wellllll... It's supposed to be a poster on the American Revolution, right?
Nerd: Looking at assignment. Not even close. Go away. I work alone.

And the list goes on and on... But unfortunately, this blog will rise and fall, and crash into an unending abyss before I finish listing all of our pet peeves, obsessions, and other various quirks. Happy Easter.


  1. One of my pet peeves is that some people think that if you read books alot you don't do anything like play video games or play outside, I have no idea why.

    1. *Sigh* People have no respect for us nerds, unless they're feeding off of us for school projects.

  2. I feel your pain in science class as well, I have had to stop helping people just to get them to go away. But the beat part is that they ask for my help on the easiest of the INDEPENDENT worksheet and the teacher doesnt do anything about it!!!!


    1. Yup. Many non- nerds have suffered bad grades because I refused to help them on an assignment.