Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jolt, Judge, Rule, and Stolen

Today I was bored, so I decided to pick four words out of the dictionary and use them in a paragraph that kindof sortofishly made sense. Here's what I came up with for jolt, judge, rule, and stolen.

One day, gingercat was walking around school, and stopped with a jolt. She looked upward. There was Godzilla, standing on her science room.
"Excuse me mister sir, but would you mind stepping off of my science classroom? We were scheduled to do rat dissections today."
Godzilla looked at the brave gingercat, and let out a roar. The mighty gingercat continued. "I know who has stolen your property. If I give back what has been stolen, will you let me go?"
As many of you may know, Godzilla is a very good judge of character, so he agreed. He had a feeling that he could trust this puny human. With that, gingercat ran out of the school, breaking the ever important rule of not running in school.
She tracked down the thief, eventually coming to her own house. She stomped upstairs, and knocked on her brother's door.
"Whadda ya want?"
"Give back the plutonium."
A groggy, half dead teen came to the door.
"What's that?"
Gingercat sighed, and stormed into his room, grabbed the plutonium and ran back to school.
"Here!I have it for you!" Godzilla grunted, and moved out of the way. She rushed into class, took her seat, and cut open her rat.

So there you have it.


  1. Words of the day is a great way to stave off boredom! I'm glad Godzilla got his tasty treat.

    Your next words have been extracted at random from the Scientific American Cyclopedia of Receipts, Notes and Queries.

    dyeing, ornaments, solders, teeth

  2. Rat disection is so cool!!!