Monday, May 28, 2012

Dyeing, Ornaments, Solders, and Teeth

These words were chosen by Darling Father, and I have been wondering how on earth I would pull this off since he gave them to me. Here we go...

Gingercat can see her reflection in the brightly colored ornaments hanging from the school Christmas tree. As she looks, she can see something else. The reflection is distorted and green, but she can clearly make out a flying Oliver 9. She slowly turns around to face the typewriter. It is hovering just above the wreath on her teacher's door, and a faint humming emanates from it.
The Oliver's keys look like teeth in the bright light of the hallway. It leads her to a whole flock of Oliver 9s hovering in her science room. As she inspects them more closely, she sees that they are dyeing Easter eggs with hydrogen peroxide.
"Um... Guys? Probably not a very good idea." she says. They look at her, a bewildered expression in their typebars. Then a sad little Oliver comes humming up, holding a broken dipping spoon for the eggs up.
"This was our last one." he says. "Will you fix it?"
"Sure. Do you have a soldering station?" she asks.
After scrounging for a decent soldering iron, Gingercat solders the dipping spoon back together. The Olivers thank her profusely, and go back to dyeing their eggs. 
As she walks out of her formerly crazy science room, Gingercat wonders what her teacher will think when she finds all of the hydrogen peroxide gone.

There you have it. Happy Memorial Day.



  1. And a Happy Christmas, er, Easter, er, Memorial Day to you, too! Nice mini-story!

  2. I misread your title and thought it said "soldiers"! Was wondering how you'd pull that one off. ;-)

    1. When my Darling Father presented me with the words, I as well thought that it was soldiers. Quite confusing...

  3. Me thinks you did so well that you need more random words. The words of the day come courtesy of "Science for Here and Now", a Heath 2nd grade science book from 1954.

    magnet, globe, blotting, doctor

    Take your time, young gingercat ;-) By the way, the Oliver thanks you for the extended dose of typebar love.

  4. The science room is always crazy what do you mean by formerly:P happy late Memorial Day :)