Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Curse of the Giant Cookies

The Girl Scouts marching in their cookie outfits.
     Help! I'm about to be eaten by a giant Carmel de Lite! (Or for you other folks out there, Samoa!) Last year at the Old Settler's day parade these giant cookies rampaged the streets, nipping the heads off of innocent bystanders... or not. *Sigh*. Unfortunately, not, but they were pretty darn terrifying.

     This one looks hungry...
That banner was hard to carry, okay! The wind was blowing in our direction.
     So, anyway... We have to sell Girl Scout cookies soon, and we don't like it any more that those parents out there do, so buy cookies! We will love you forever! Support your local Girl Scouts!!!
     Sorry, got a little carried away there. (Breath in... breath out) Today also happens to be my blog's first birthday! To all you (relatively) young whippersnappers out there, start a blog! Name it Darth Vader's Kittens! Do something with it! Don't just sit on the name! But most importantly, have a nice day.

 Credit for the photos goes to DF, Darling Father.

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